Rebranding & Launch


A Tiny Advice For A Greater Impact

This shopping centre operated by IKANO Corporation, is part of the Swedish IKANO group that owns IKEA Malaysia. When they entered the Malaysian market, their initial positioning for the shopping complex was ‘Choice’. However, we felt the positioning of the shopping complex wouldn’t resonate with Malaysian consumers, as they had more options for shopping complexes in terms of product choice.

Taking into consideration that the word ‘Power Centre’ generally refers to a large store in international context, and the fact that IKEA was the main tenant, we spearheaded the bold move to change the Shopping Centre’s initial positioning from ‘Choice’ to ‘Experience For The Whole Family’.

To convey this message, we created an unmistakable identity by using children as the main heroes in the advertising and marketing materials to promote IKANO as a family-friendly mall, as well as providing differentiation from the competitors.