7 Things BnBCians Say


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In the creative industry, one of the biggest advantages of working in an open space environment is the ease of collaboration amongst the team. Need a quick brainstorm session? Just swivel your chair or take a less-than-10-step over to your teammate’s desk. Have an inspiration you’re dying to share? Speak aloud and you’re bound to be heard. Need a work in progress update? Look over to the next monitor and there you go.

The absence of cubicles means lesser personal space and more time around your colleagues.  Of course if you’re not up for casual banter or engaging yourself in the debate of ‘The Best Chicken Rice in Petaling Jaya’, you can plug in those earphones but we assure you during those minutes of solitude, you’ve probably missed out on a whole lot of life-changing discussions.

Coupled with the sometimes slightly longer hours infamous in this industry, your colleagues are probably the people you spend most of your waking hours* with. *Applicable only to a 5-day work week context

The more hours you spend, the closer you get, the more Too Much Information or Frequently Uttered Phrases go around. Now, it’s not a bad thing. Somewhere between the over-sharing, random conversations and signature phrases exchanged, relationships are fostered and eventually brings the team closer together.

We can go on and on about how important teamwork is and how great it is to come to work everyday with your colleagues-turned-friends but we wouldn’t want to bore you with generic information you can probably google to find out. Instead, we want to give you a sneak preview of some of our day-to-day life  with this 7 Things BnBC-ians Say list. Yes, we’re taking a short break from talking about work and revealing a more personal side of the hardworking team behind the work. Some may irk you, some may be relatable. What ever it is, we promise we’re  still one of the nicest bunch of people you’ll meet.

1) Crap, literally

Yes, bowel movements is a common topic of interest. It opens up to a stream of information from how frequent, texture, cleaning methods to the “it’s time to hog the toilet stall” warnings. We weren’t kidding when we said that we do have the tendency to share too much information. But hey, how many of you can say you know your colleagues this intimately? 

2) “What’s for lunch la, guys?”

This infamous question can arise as early as 10.00am in the morning and is often answered with silence. Either that, or the standard “I don’t know la!” We know we’re not alone. This indecisiveness has swept through the country like an epidemic, leaving citizens in a dilemma between the endless food choices available. First world problems indeed.

Fortunately in the last few minutes before lunch hour strikes, a leader would rise amongst the confused and present a suggestion which none would refuse.

3) “Weih, we going for lunch or not?”

When the lunch spot has been decided, the next difficulty is to get people off their seats and actually head to the destination. Dedication into completing the task at hand is probably what keeps us glued to our seats right past the magic lunch hour. Or the fact that we see lunch as such a mundane task that we need to procrastinate with actual work before getting to it. Sometimes, the “On the count of 3 everyone stand up ah!” trick works but usually it takes patience and a lot of waiting around before everyone eventually realizes they’re hungry and needs nourishment to carry on throughout the day.  See how much love and effort we put into our work? 

Satisfied post-lunch faces after successfully making it out to lunch.

4) “I’m not feeling it”

No, we’re not referring to lunchtime woes again. This time, we’re shifting focus to actual work. One of the most common phrases uttered when it comes to evaluating work internally, this statement is what drives the changes to further improve the work before the actual presentation to our clients. Often used by the figures of authority in BnBC, we’re still awed by the way they point out the flaws in a jiffy or give a new perspective to make the work creatively cohesive. Well, it’s no wonder they’re our superiors. We’ve still got a long way to see things on a higher level. This leads us to yet another Frequently Uttered Phrase…

5) “Let’s make it happening”

After dissecting the flaws into bite-sized pieces, this is the time to find solutions.

“Should the logo be bigger?”

“Is visual and copy working hard enough?”

“Did we highlight the USPs prominently?”

“Eh bro, perspective wrong la!”.

“Happening, bro, make it happening!”

And once we’re satisfied in ‘happening up’ the work, it’s all ready to meet the client.

6) “What should I buy next?” 

Yes, shopaholics lurk amongst us and quite surprisingly, a majority of them are male. From combs, knives, caps, lapel pins to skateboards, there’s always something to purchase on popular sites like eBay or Major Drop. Fancy 15m of paracord, anyone?

7) “Wait, where you going?! “

Often said when people decide to call it a day at work, sometimes it makes us wonder if we’re overly attached to one another.

There you have it. A short list of 7 things BnBCians say. While we can’t possibly fit all possible combinations of phrases or conversation topic, perhaps we’ll do a sequel in the near future.