The Sweet Taste of Victory – Infiniti Q70

When you’ve plunged in the world of advertising, you’ll come to realise that you either sink or swim – the work you produce has to captivate and inspire to survive, otherwise you’re just drowning in your own sweat. The adverts that you see everyday, it might just be an image and a few fancy sentences to some, but to us, it’s a lot of heart, soul, sweat and occasionally, tears.

You might have browsed our website and gaped at our impressive clientele, but nothing here is based on good luck. Good luck doesn’t cut it in this industry. Every client we have is pitched for, fought for, and competed for with other contenders in the business. So, when we were sought to present a pitch for the Infiniti Q70 (a Japanese automobile brand), we were powered by the need to taste that sweet victory.

Now, victory is a craving you have to work to satisfy, but once you do, it’s a sweet delicacy. Every pitch to us is a step closer to tasting that. Lucky for us, we’ve dealt with car brands before and pitching isn’t new either so we were set on winning because really, when does anyone like losing anyway?

So, here’s the story of how we did it.

 The final product

Led by the strength of the BnBC team, we started from the drawing board. First question to answer was, what makes Infiniti Q70, Infiniti Q70? As the team sat their creative minds in the conference room, adjectives for Infiniti Q70 were thrown to the whiteboard from every corner – elite, exceptional, exclusive, different, classy, bold, daring and every word we could fathom to describe the brand was squished on that board somewhere. And that was just the beginning.

Now comes the harder part – devising interesting concepts to attract today’s generation. What exactly is the challenge? Well, the world isn’t black and white anymore; people thrive to be different. Conceptual new businesses (think burger labs, coffee places etc) that are set up by young entrepreneurs have been popping up around Malaysia and it’s all the craze nowadays. These individuals were anything but mainstream. Hence, we diverted our attention to these specific type of people because Infiniti is different – it’s a head-turner.

Infiniti Q70 was up against some of the biggest automobiles heroes in the industry – think BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi. So, how do we hold the attention of this face-paced era? Basically, we had to understand their characteristics, psychographics and the way they think.

So, after hours of cracking our brains for the right concept, we finally had four solid ideas. Each one had the message of differentiation and while the messages of all four concepts were somewhat the same, we managed to convey it in four unique tones for choice. We were telling them that, if you want something that’s equally as good and stand out from the norm, then they should consider the new Infiniti Q70. After the team agreed with all the ideas, visuals were made where the tag-lines were applied and the copy was inserted for the overall look and feel. Next, was the final step – THE pitch.

With a dry run the day before, the team was confident and ready to impress. That morning, we snapped a few photos to commemorate the day before bidding the pitch team good luck. While they were away, the rest of us were anxiously waiting for results and a few hours later, our phones buzzed with messages – results were in. Did we win? Were the odds in our favour?

Yes, we did and well, we nailed it.

The pitch impressed the Head of Marketing for Edaran Tan Chong (the distributor of Infiniti in Malaysia) and what was initially just a presentation turned into a brainstorm afterwards. We were even more victorious than we’d hope for! We were afterall, Beyond Normal Business Concepts and once again, we’ve proved ourselves worthy of our name.

And that’s how we had victory for dinner, with a perfect side of satisfaction. Gulp.


BnBC Creative Director Craig Matthew Lee (most left) and Account Director Frances Angus (third from left) posing for a photo with Head of Infiniti Business Unit Christopher Tan Kok Leong (second from left), General Manager Tiffany Tan (most right) and Michael Cope (second right) at the Infiniti Q70 Launch. 

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