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In advertising, art and design is a language – it’s the way we communicate messages through different mediums without having the liberty to speak. When you work in an industry where you don’t necessarily always have to colour within the lines, you’ll come to realise that design constantly morphs in your eyes – it can take form in culinary art, elaborate paintings or fashion. And when immersed in the realm of advertising where creativity is limitless, being exposed to inspiring work means fuelling our imagination even further.

On 3rd August, we were privileged to have attended a special press conference at the British High Commission, which announced a move that would communicate Malaysian designs beyond local frontiers. The initiative, which was set up by Mr Dodi Mohammad of Tradisi Busana PR Sdn Bhd – an acquaintance and a man whose endeavours include representing Jimmy Choo Couture in Kuala Lumpur, main coordinator of many prestigious fashion events, consultant to Deida Acero, a London based milliner and more – revealed a partnership between Kraftangan Malaysia and the British High Commission to revive traditional designs and generate awareness of Malaysian textiles internationally.

Mr Dodi with Ben (Executive Director) & Frances (Account Director) at the event

It was made official that Kraftangan Malaysia and famed British designer, Dame Zandra Rhodes will be joining hands for a fashion collaboration that will infuse traditional textiles such as batik and songket into modern day pieces. The move will count as Malaysia’s first ever debut in London Fashion Week’s official schedule as part of Zandra Rhodes’ SS16 collection in September 2015, as well as during Kuala Lumpur Fashion Weekend 2015, an annual event organized by KL Alta Moda Sdn Bhd which is wholly owned by Tradisi Busana PR Sdn Bhd which is running in November 2015.

Frances , Craig (Creative Director) & Ben making acquaintances at the event

It’s definitely inspiring to see the fashion industry exploring beyond the boundaries to give the world a piece of our tradition. It’s no doubt that this collaboration would catapult Malaysia in the international fashion scene, especially with Dame Zandra Rhodes whose recognisable career has included private fittings with Princess Diana to dressing today’s trendsetters by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss and more.

See, in this fast paced world, there are many opportunities rising and events as such only prove that there really are no boundaries to dreams and expectations, especially if you view things beyond normal perspectives.

Frances, Ben & Craig posing with Vicki Treadell, the British High Commissioner to Malaysia
Frances, Craig & Ben posing at the British High Commission

If you didn’t know already, BnBC stands for Beyond Normal Business Concepts and as an advertising agency that thrives by our name, we’re always exposed to different industries, as proven by our portfolio of local and international clients.

We push ourselves to think outside of the box, to generate creative ideas and concepts tailored exceptionally just for our clients. We look beyond the norm for inspiration; we’ll meet people who show us different outlooks much like our experience with Mr. Dodi to give us the ground to weave with different industries.

Despite our hectic schedules, we’re always ready to explore and emerge ourselves in something new which is why our doors are always kept open (not literally) for new things whether in business or acquaintances.

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