Superman is Real

Superman isn’t purely fictional. Though some might beg to differ, the definition of superman exists. Think about it, who is always there to catch you when you fall? Who is the one who swoops in at times of need? Who is the safety net you know you’ll always have? Our fathers. And in light of Father’s Day, here’s a breakdown to prove to you that we’re telling the truth.

1) He’s wherever trouble is

Superman, as we all know, is always there to save the day. And that’s exactly what our fathers do. They protect you, fight for your safety and guide you towards the right direction in every decision. They will never let you fall, and if you do, they will be there to catch you.

2 ) He’s a man of steel

It’s a known fact that superman is made of steel which basically means he’s indestructible unless he encounters kryptonite, but let’s address that later on. While our fathers may not be made of steel, they can take a bullet (metaphorically), just like superman. They’ll stand there and take a hit for you whenever needed. They’ll defend you when they can. Plus, we almost never see them cry because they’re tough enough not to, and mostly because they don’t want you to worry.

3) He has superpowers

Super strength and x-ray vision are just two of superman’s awesome superpowers. Sure, our fathers can’t lift an airplane nor can they fly, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t super either; they have the power to shield you from harm, to detect if something is bothering you and give you miraculous warm hugs to make the bad times better. Every father has their own superpower and we’re pretty sure you’ve just thought of one right now.

4) He is an example to citizens

Superman is a role model to everyone and although our fathers don’t have the ability to save the whole world, we still look up to them. We have watched them get through tough times and still stand strong on their own two-feet. They teach us the ways whenever we’re wrong, instil values in us that stick forever and always have wise words of advice for our petty problems.

5) He’s faster than a speeding bullet

When you really, really, really need him, he will most likely drop everything and zoom to you the fastest he can, just like when superman immediately jets off to save a distressed citizen. Okay, so maybe, our fathers aren’t faster than a speeding bullet, but they’re fast enough to be there when we need them.

6) He fights for justice

Justice is the main thing Superman fights for – he will always stand by his values and what he believes is the right thing to do. And like our fathers, they will stand up for what they believe in and sure, we rebel when we don’t meet eye-to-eye, but we’ll always learn from him and he’ll always fight a fair fight.

7) Kryptonite makes him weak

Superman’s weakness is kryptonite and this is what makes superman somewhat human. We have weaknesses and so do our fathers. So, this is where we return the favour; it’s also our duty to be there for them.

Thus, don’t forget to celebrate father’s day with your old man. He doesn’t have to be your biological father, but he could be any father figure such as your grandpas, your best friend’s father or your uncles. If he matches up with all the above then he’s worth your time.

In our case, we’d like to wish BnBC Advertising a happy father’s day.

image1  20150506_144155  20150621_103352.jpg (1)

You’re probably confused at this point, because BnBC can’t be a father, it’s an agency. Well to us, BnBC is the father of our careers. BnBC has nurtured our professions, moulded our characters, taught us right from wrong, instil ethical values and grew our skills to produce exceptional work and help us excel in whatever we do professionally. Sure, we may have a job scope but BnBC pushes us outside our limits, encourages us to experience new things and grow new talents we didn’t know we had. And at times of need, we can turn to the team, which is full of loving and kind-hearted souls that are always happy to lend a helping hand and never fail to make each other laugh. And when BnBC needs us, we’re there.


Happy Father’s Day. So tell us, who’s your superman?


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