Our First Dance in Doha

Your first kiss, first love or the first time you took the wheel – every first moment you have, last a lifetime in memories. In the realm of advertising, every time we work with a new client is a first for us; the experiences we get will forever be embedded in our minds.

One of the most interesting clients that we’ve dealt with is the Museum of Islamic Arts (MIA). This was our first dance in Doha. It was almost as if we were stepping in a ballroom on a blind date – we didn’t know what to expect and we could only hope every stride we make is in sync with theirs. Was it intimidating to engage in something that we didn’t have much knowledge about? Not really. We at BnBC are constantly exposed to diverse clients from different industries, pushing boundaries with every work we produce – we were experienced and we knew what we had to do.

Now, MIA is a museum showcasing masterpieces of Islamic arts from three continents over 1,400 years, combining works from both secular and religious aspects of diverse worlds that are connected by their profession of Islam. What’s even cooler is that world-renowned architect, I.M. Pei, built the museum. This was a pretty big deal.

We were tasked to create pieces to be sold at their souvenir shops, which included items ranging from stationary to collectibles. However, we didn’t know much about Doha nor did we fully understand Islamic culture, but nevertheless, this just intrigued us even further.

So, the first stride we took was to research the background. You can’t just dance with a complete stranger, right? You have to get to know them somehow. Now, Google alone wouldn’t be enough, so we headed to several Islamic museums, which included the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM) to learn the culture up close. After surveying numerous places, we soon realised that many had the same concepts and at BnBC, normal doesn’t cut it – we had to make our designs different, better, something people would be proud to purchase and take home to remember the culture by. The best and most interesting dances are the ones people have yet to see. So, we stepped our game up a notch.

After days of compiling our research and studying the pictures of the artefacts that MIA sent over, we started conceptualising. First, we started with a storyboard using artefacts in the museum and then we began to create our designs. Be it a painting or a broken tile, we studied every inch of detail to create the perfect mix between art and Islamic culture.

And once we perfected each stride, we were ready to show them what we’ve got. As expected, our designs were approved and then was applied to different textures such as Pewter, Fine Bone China, Crystal, Ceramic and other special types of fabric to be sold in Doha, Qatar.


Mixing art with culture

Having our designs being sold 12,753 km away was an amazing accomplishment for us. Think about it, they could have chosen another agency from any part of the world but they chose BnBC. It just goes to show that we stick by our name – we go Beyond Normal Business Concepts because we’re brave enough to step on the dance floor with any client any day.


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