Making Milestones with Metrojaya

Every milestone in life, no matter how big or small, is worth celebrating; be it a baby’s first birthday, graduating and landing a first job, the joy that wedding bells bring or cradling your first grandchild in your arms – we hold these moments dearly and thank our lucky stars that we were able to be part of these life experiences.

That’s exactly how we at BnBC feel when our clients reach a new milestone. Their achievement is ours too and knowing that we’ve played a role in it gives us a sense of satisfaction. Like proud parents or friends, we applaud loudly and beam proudly as we watch our clients grow from strength to strength.

Recently, our client Metrojaya launched their brand new department store at the newly opened Komtar JBCC, bringing irresistible deals and thrills to Johor-ians alike. This new department store also revealed a new, refreshed store look that echoes Komtar JBCC’s unique design.

To many, an opening of a new outlet is just another ordinary opening but in BnBC, we see it as a new opportunity to further drive our client’s brand; to create awareness and bring excitement to something as ordinary as a store opening.

We’ve often seen announcement advertisements flooding newspapers with dates, venues and promotions that are available during the launch. While ours would typically carry the same mechanics as the rest, we’ll ask ourselves: how can we differentiate our advert from the rest?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of visual and copy development, the most important process is ideation which can get long and gruelling but that’s a story for another day. “What’s the big idea?” “What’s the concept?” – these are common questions that we’re normally asked here because it’s the big idea that will tie everything together.

When we think of Metrojaya, we think of the excellent choices of brands and items available all in one store. It’s convenient and is the best place to score deals that’ll make you exclaim, “So worth it!” during sales. With this in mind, we came up with the big idea of “Missing Shoppers”; the idea that shopping got too good at Metrojaya that they didn’t want to go home, leaving their loved ones to report that they’ve gone missing.

Now that we’ve nailed the big idea, it was time to visually translate this idea into our advertisements. With that said, we came up with two options:


Our first concept was of a news article (Yes, that’s newspaper-ception for you), which was published in the Singapore papers.


For our second concept, we came up with both teaser and launch print ads, which were made entirely out of speech bubbles. The teaser consisted of questions posed to the audience where did everyone disappear to. While the launch advertisement, on the other hand, revealed the irresistible deals that the new Metrojaya has to offer for all those Johor shopaholics.


Overall, we’re glad to have had a hand in this new launch of Metrojaya in one way or the other. We see every opportunity as one to push aside ordinary and strive to execute things differently so that the brand gets noticed. It is a competitive world out there and to be normal is to drown. Propelling our clients’ brands to new milestones is what we do best and we hope we’re with them at every step of the way.

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