Is Your Chocolate Better Than Mine?

No, your chocolate probably isn’t better than mine. And we’ll tell you why.

Competitiveness is in everyone’s human nature. We’re always comparing something with another, even with something as simple as chocolate. We might not say it out loud but we’re constantly plagued with questions such as, “Is your chocolate better than mine?” or “Is his car cooler than mine?” It could even be a statement such as “I know a better place for chicken rice” or “This brand of nuts is way better than that brand.” Admit it, you’ve thought of something similar. The point is that everyone has his or her own opinion, but essentially, everything boils down to one factor – quality.

Oxford Dictionary defines ‘quality’ as “The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.” With that being said, let’s talk about quality in terms of advertising agencies. The standard of an agency is based on how good they are. So, how do you know how good they are? Look at their portfolio, of course – that’s the degree of excellence. And quality is measured by comparison – not to only one, but to many.

Get where this is going now? [Image credit:]
Some agencies might have done more, or have been around for longer, but the quality and the work produced could be similar as the underdogs that people tend to overlook. Picking the right agency to deal with is also about branding, and because of human nature, we tend to lean towards the name that is more recognised or the agency everyone else is using. However, it’s risky to blindly judge, because can you really conclude that one agency is the best amongst the others if you haven’t even explored the market? Plus, what if there’s one out there that might amaze you and won’t break the budget?

Technically, you can’t tell me your chocolate is yummier if you haven’t even had a bite of mine, right? Think it through.

Go on, take a bite out of mine [Image credit:]
Honestly, my chocolate is probably just as delicious as yours; the only difference is that I bought a cheaper, and equally tasty bar. You lose.

With the economy that we’re currently in (think GST), we’re more inclined to be thriftier. Brands are faced with tough marketing decisions and are reluctant to spend but like they say, to make money, you’ve got to spend money. However, we’re not advising you to blindly throw your cash to the nearest advertising agency, but we’re merely telling you to spend your cash wisely (with the right agency).

Wouldn’t want to be wasting all that cash, right? [Image credit:]
So now, it’s time for you to see what’s out there. And if you’ve read up to here, we’ve kept your attention because it’s what we do here at BnBC Advertising – we bring notice to our work, because what’s advertising without an audience? We give you something to grasp your attention.

Here at BnBC, we have dabbled in numerous industries providing creative and strategic communication to fit the client’s identity like a glove. Our name isn’t “Beyond normal Business Concepts” for no reason, it’s because we cross boundaries to create ideas that explore past the realm of conventional creativity – we’re flexibly creative! We’ve danced with different industries to produce digital, merchandising and branding concepts, as well as handling events. Just check out our clientele on our website if you don’t believe us.

We give you good business for good quality work that’s the same, if not better than the agency you’re comparing us to in your mind this very second. But more importantly, we give you your money’s worth.

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