Growing Partnerships Beyond Borders


Geographical locations and time zone differences. Are these barriers or advantages? Well, it all depends on which side of the coin you’re looking at. The divide certainly poses a series of disadvantages – the lack of face-to-face communication and compromise on time management to name a few. On the flipside, what if we turned these limiting factors into limitless possibilities?

At BnBC Advertising, we don’t believe that boundaries exist. With every obstruction that is set, we’ll find a way to overcome it. The world is full of opportunities and no matter where it may be, we’ll grab on to it – tightly.

One of these instances is our partnership with BRAVE, an integrated brand agency located in the modern city of Dubai. However, you won’t be hearing about the experience from our perspective. We’re sure you’ve heard enough from us.

Instead, we got in touch with Gina Petersen, Managing Partner of BRAVE who very kindly took some time out of her busy schedule to pen down her thoughts and experience, so far, with BnBC and how physical barriers have given this partnership an edge, after all.

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Gina Petersen, Managing Partner of BRAVE

Tell us a bit about the BRAVE story. How was it established and why in the UAE?
BRAVE was established with a view to bring together a diverse collective of senior strategists and thought leaders who help businesses innovate, grow and pioneer change. We have assembled a group of best in breed marketers and brand strategists who have all held senior in-house roles who provide insights and advisory services to our clients, leveraging decades of experience working for some of the world’s largest brands. We chose to establish in the UAE, as we believe in the vision of the Emirates and know that we have a valuable contribution to make to the future of this ambitious nation. This region has welcomed us with open arms, so we were happy to make it the home of BRAVE’s inaugural office.

How did the partnership between BRAVE and BnBC begin?
Prior to setting up BRAVE, we had worked with BnBC as clients for many years, initially delivering small scale logo and branding projects, which quickly evolved into global scale projects that captivated audiences around the world. All great partnerships are underpinned by mutual respect and the presence of shared values and from the very beginning BRAVE and BnBC recognized many similarities in terms of our approach to solving business challenges and our company ethos’. This strong working relationship has in turn translated into a well-oiled machine that consistently delivers seamless creative outputs that redefine the status quo and drive strong commercial outcomes.

Seeing that BRAVE is in Dubai and BnBC in Malaysia, why partner BnBC although there are geographical differences?
In this day and age, physical distance is not really an obstacle. Admittedly, a powerful internet connection is critical to our operating model, which relies on up-to-the-minute technology that ensures that our teams are constantly in contact, whether it be for a morning rally, an in-depth brainstorm or design collaboration.

Due to the different time zones between Malaysia and Dubai, how do you overcome the differences in terms of work?
This is an amazing advantage that allows us to add extra working hours to the day. BRAVE briefs that are submitted overnight invariably make it back before 9am the following morning, meaning that we often surprise and delight our clients with delivery timelines that other consultancies simply cannot compete with. We also complement the Malaysian team with local designers to ensure we cover a much longer working week than other consultancies, including being fully operational on Fridays thanks to our extended team.

What are the advantages in forging this partnership?
For both businesses, it allows us to expand our offering to new markets and leverage each other’s diverse expertise. The partnership allows us each to focus on our core strengths, combining forces to deliver end-to-end client solutions that are affordable, flexible and quick to market.

What are the accomplishments so far?
Under this operating model we have successfully won a number of high profile pitches and as a result manage happy retained and project based clients who all commend us on our unique offering that helps them reach their goals sooner and with deliverables that our proud to put their name to.

Are there any future plans?
To grow with our clients and to continue to mold our offering to the changing needs of the markets and verticals in which we operate. We are operating in a dynamic era defined by constant media evolutions and advancements and where global markets can change quickly, forcing penetrating ripples all over the world. Our strength is in our agility and our commitment to problem solve as a team. As we celebrate our first anniversary, we look forward to the journey ahead and continuing to help remind our clients that FORTUNE REALLY DOES FAVOUR THE BRAVE…

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