BnBC Creative Director encourages Malaysians to ‘think SMALL, act BIG’

BnBC creative director Craig Matthew Lee and his team initiated a thought provoking, ‘Think SMALL, act BIG’ awareness campaign for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).

The creative director said that when We Care Journey—a non-profit organisation championing CARE for families with SMA and disabilities—approached Benjamin Ng, founder of BnBC Advertising and him to bring their NGO to the next level and to create awareness on SMA, they agreed to get onboard as it was “love at first sight”.

“We were deeply moved when Sook Yee and Edmund Lim, the founders of We Care Journey, shared the story of how their son’s SMA diagnosis turned their life upside down initially, and led to the start of a meaningful journey. Now they’re looking for support. Collaborating with We Care Journey gives BnBC the opportunity to use our creative talents for a greater cause. But first, it did us good! None of us have heard of SMA before this. Now that we have, we want to get the word out, too. For example, did you know SMA is the number 1 genetic killer of small ones?” Craig explained.


Getting noticed in this digital age of information overload is no small feat. That’s where BnBC’s expertise comes in. Starting with a disruptive campaign line that goes against the norm and enrolls Malaysians to ‘Think SMALL, act BIG’. BnBC and We Care Journey aim to implant in the minds of the public to think about SMA, the SMALL ones who are affected by it, and to do their part to make a BIG difference.

The project has kicked-off with a revamped www.wecarejourney.org website, and the creation of the characters Joe and Bib, who embody the idea of Think SMALL, act Big. Joe is a gentle giant bear with a big heart—he is the hands and legs and support of the SMALL one, Bib. Bib, though tiny in size, is a curious and smart, creative thinker. Together, they brave life’s challenges and turn it into an adventure. Best of all, their names and characters are inspired by real life brothers, Jaden and Branden. Branden, the second son of Sook Yee and Edmund Lim is the one born with SMA.

“Through the creation of Joe and Bib, we aim to evoke a positive feeling of hope, and depict the story and challenges faced by the SMALL ones and their families in an engaging way,” Craig said. “Will this campaign win an award? We didn’t go in with this intention, but if it does, we’ll be glad because a good cause deserves that much more attention. Ultimately, the power of advertising—the creative ability to transform something complex into a simple and memorable message—can be used for the greater good. This is why we’re doing this pro bono. We believe in the cause.”

Sook Yee, co-founder of We Care Journey believes that BnBC’s 15 years of experience in the world of Advertising will contribute greatly in their current CARE mission. This includes caring for and connecting families with SMA to information. Taking action and spreading SMA awareness so the public can be more ready and responsible. As well as empowering affected families through support and education.


“As brand champions and storytellers, BnBC did a great job of producing a video of our SMALL story, in collaboration with Telltale Studios. Hearts were touched during a viewing of this video at a charity ball organized by The Latin Ladies Association of Malaysia. Thanks to the generous donations that night, we are able to purchase five cough assist machines for families with SMA.” Yee added.

To date, the international and local brands and companies that have participated as supporters and partners of We Care Journey include NTV7, Inside Scoop, and Jane Yap Atelier, just to name a few. Since the re-launch of its website, We Care Journey have received inquiries from various brands and corporations for possible collaborations.

In contribution to the SMALL cause of We Care Journey, Stich.A.Giggles have produced a series of Joe and Bib plushies by working closely with a group of refugee mothers from Chin state, Myanmar. Each plushie is made of fleece material and poly fill, and handstitched with love. Available for just RM120 per pair, buyers have the option of getting a pair for themselves or donating it to the kids in PPUM (Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya) paediatric ward. So far, orders have been pouring in.

“As we can all see, a SMALL act of kindness does make a BIG difference. We’re glad to have done our part, so others like you can join in and do the same,” Craig said.