5 Things BnBCians Do

Previously, we wrote about the things we say, here are some of the things BnBCians would do :)

1. ‘Parking Song’ Ritual

We’re sure you know that feeling. Your stomach is growling. Your head is picturing that steaming, hot bowl of yee mee and you can practically feel the silky, smooth noodles sliding down your throat, leaving a simple yet heart-warming taste in its wake. However, here’s the BUT. You want to satisfy that craving BUT what stands in the way is the fact that there is NO PARKING. You’ve been circling the area for almost and hour and realize everyone else also has the same great idea as you. Delicious bowl of yee mee at one of the most popular areas to have lunch? Count me in!

Before you pop a vein over parking (which in our opinion, is not worth), let us share with you our ritual which has seen a 98% success rate. Like bounty hunters carefully approaching their prey, we keep our eyes peeled and begin to sing the chorus of this song.

Comes with romanized subtitles too. Thank us later when searching for parking begins to feel like a stroll in the park.

2. Guilt-trip People When They Bring Their Own Food

It could be an attempt to eat healthy or to save money. What ever the reason, some of us do bring our own food from home at times. Seems perfectly normal, doesn’t it? Well, at least when you’re preparing your food at home it is but once you whip it out, be prepared for a myriad of disappointed looks and “verbal abuse” that will be thrown at you.

“Why you never prepare for me?”

“Got enough to share or not?”

“Next time if you’re bringing lunch, tell me la. Then we can lunch together mah.”

“Aiyo. Why so anti-social?”

“Evil. This is pure evil.”

“We don’t spend time together anymore.”

“What! Keep your lunch for dinner and come for lunch together la.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a humble sandwich or leftover dishes with rice. Bringing food from home is still considered a lunch offence.

3. Give Nicknames to Newbies

When you have your earned your BnBC nickname, congratulations! You are now officially part of the team. You may think you have the most normal name on earth but rest assured, our team of creative colleagues will still be able to come up with a name just for you. We’ve got a Nadeje, DRB, Layman, Turtle, Jo Flizzow and ‘Lao Da’  (gang leader), among others, already in our midst. What will our next nickname be?

4. Turn Up the Spice

Sometimes when that crave for tongue-hitting, power-packed flavours comes, it’s impossible to ignore it. What’s best is if there are people who share the same love of spiciness and want to join in the quest for the best sambal or kuah kari campur. Fun fact: Banana leaf rice might as well be our official food, seeing that it is our No.1 choice for a satisfying lunch guaranteed. Nasi kukus or kandar would be our secondary option.

This shared love of all things spicy reflects very well in our welcome-the-newbies initiation; Spicy Chicken Wing Challenge. We won’t reveal the mechanics, other than the obvious that it involves some pretty spicy buffalo wings. How spicy can it get? Come join our team one day to find out.

5. Resort to Verbal Violence

Deep down inside, we’re really peace-loving people. That’s why instead of committing physical acts of violence, we use our mouths instead. Of course, none of this would happen if it weren’t for provocation. But what’s an office like without a bit of teasing anyway? Though we say things like “lie down and let me step on your face” or “poke your eye with a pencil” or “you wanna kena whack, is it”, our threats are merely just threats and most often just laughed off.


Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of threats to bring the team closer to one another but don’t worry, we’re still one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Really.